Founded in March 2020, the company started out operating and growing a global network of content media houses, each with its own influencer cohort and production capabilities. The company offered talent management, production and deal-making services to our handpicked influencers. As the pandemic has receded, the content houses became less important to the strategy and the company significantly cut down on capital intensive content house leases and pivoted towards the Digital agency business model, brokering deals for influencers with major Brands in the likes of Playboy, McDonalds and DraftKings.

We also have developed a software that assists brands in predicting Return on Investment for their social media influencer spend. We use this technology to better assist Brands in the selection of their social media strategy as well as differentiate our Agency business. Finally, the company launched, a site with a focus on the empowerment of creators that allows creators to connect with fans and sell exclusive photo and video content as well as chat and interact with fans directly.


To harness the power, reach, and impact of Content Creators & Social Media “Influencers”.  Our objective is to provide the platform for Content Creators to collaborate, create, and excel.


We believe the future is digital.  We believe in the power of people and connection.  We also believe that we can change the world’s perception of what Social Media is. As we move into the years, we understand that social media and user created content will continue to expand and become even more mainstream.  Our mission is to be leaders in the industry and to be flexible enough to expand and build businesses with content creators big and small.



Our team is comprised of thought leaders and entrepreneurs from a variety of fields.  Our leadership is comprised of former Fortune 500 exec’s, Influencers, and entertainment media professionals.  Together, our executive team has a combined 120 years of experience in Media and Entertainment and a deep background in Venture Capital and Startups.