About Us

We strongly believe in the future of social media and that the historical growth in the industry is only going to accelerate.

Our company was fortunate enough to plant its roots within the social media industry during its early stages. Since then, we have built the operation around two main business components. We’ve put together a seasoned Sales Team that brokers large scale social media promotional deals between brands and celebrities.

Our digital agency (The Reiman Agency) interacts with some of the largest brands such as:

Our digital agency works with the most well known talent in the world such as:

Klay Thompson

Rob Gronkowski

Mike Tyson

Clubhouse Media Group also developed and owns HoneyDrip.com our own social media monetization platform.

HoneyDrip.com allows celebrities and influencers to create, post, communicate, and sell content directly to their fans.

This monetization is something that the major social media platforms today (such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and SnapChat) do not provide.

Our company, the platform owner, collects 30% commission on all transactions on the site. We are continuously enhancing the site, which has positively impacted creator and user growth month over month since our launch in 2021.

The combination of these two business segments complement one another and allow us to tap into several key social media markets.